"Your Personal Narrative Is Shaping Your Life" by John Hagel


Whether you realize it or not, you have a 'personal narrative' - and it's driving many of the key outcomes in your life - good or bad.  If you're feeling stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, chances are it's time to evaluate and recalibrate your personal narrative.


John Hagel, renowned thought-leader, futurist, Founder of the Center Beyond the Edge, and award-winning author of “The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion", will personally guide you in identifying and evolving your Personal Narrative.


TRANSFORMATION: You will learn why this unique approach to Personal Narrative is so powerful. You will be guided in identifying and articulating your current  personal narrative and begin the process of evolving it to a new and improved version that designed to generate the outcomes and support you seek. 


This Significance learning experience includes:

  • Recordings of John Hagel's talks
  • Worksheet Exercises
  • Lifetime access to the course teachings (recordings)




"Drawing Out Your Personal Narrative"

  • 30 minutes - What is a Personal Narrative and Why Does it Matter?
  • 30 minutes - Making Your Current Personal Narrative Explicit


"Evolving Your Personal Narrative"

  • 30 minutes - Reflecting on Your Personal Narrative
  • 30 minutes - Evolving your Personal Narrative and the Role of Impact Groups


WS1-Video Recording: Your Personal Narrative Is Shaping Your Life