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The most significant thing you can do is align your life to your truest, deepest self. Significance Learning Center is here to support you on this journey of transformation. 


Our purpose is to transform lives and the world through a journey of gaining inner clarity and creating outer alignment.


Our mantra is DO SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT, which is our rallying cry to take meaningful action in the small and big moments of your life.


Our mission is to support your life journey of fulfillment-building with transformational offerings from world-class, purpose-led instructors and a vibrant community of fellow students of life.

  • Purpose-Driven Learning Experiences: We offer live, virtual, pre-recorded, and hybrid courses, workshops, classes, keynotes, talks and coaching services delivered by world-class purpose-driven instructors, thought-leaders and facilitators.  Our topics are curated to bring to life many nuances of conscious living and business practices. Topics include a variety of leadership and personal development methodologies, the power of purpose, introspection and collaboration, human value and the importance of diversity equity, inclusion, and belonging, sustainability, and more. Significance Learning Center content and experiences are rooted in active learning and are intended to open minds and hearts in order move people forward on their journey to greater fulfillment, impact and meaningful success. 


  • Custom Program Creation: We create and curate customized purpose-driven experiences and learning programs to support organizational, departmental, employee resource group or other group goals. We do this by supporting you with custom programing around topics such as: Personal and Leadership Development, Human Value and Resources Development, new approaches to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging, and authenticity as a brand and individual. Contact to learn more about custom programming. 


  • Purpose-Driven Communities & Events: As a Significance Community Member, you have access to our #DoSomethingSIGNIFICANT Gallery of Goodness, Significance Forums, and our Members Area. As a Significance Student, you gain access to additional Private Community Forums and Content designed to support your learning journey and to facilitate relationship-building with classmates. 

  • Free Content & Events: We are a purpose-driven social enterprise.  We never want price to be a barrier in sharing this important content.  We share free content via our blog, e-newsletter, social media channels, free masterclasses, and opportunities for free access to paid programs.

  • Support & Amplify the Reach of Purpose-Driven Thought Leaders: We support our instructors with services that enable them to focus on what they do best: teach, inspire and support people with their unique approaches and expertise. Together, we create the most possible positive impact. To learn more about becoming a Significance Learning Center Instructor, email

COMPANY and the Significance Learning Center are initiatives of Significance, a purpose-led agency founded by Trisha Stezzi to help people and brands unleash their potential as a force for good.


Trisha Stezzi's transformational journey began back in 1997 when she took a six-month hiatus from a life and career that was going well "on the surface" - but that didn't feel like a joyous life (understatement). That time was a game changer... a life changer. This time of exploration resulted in getting extremely clear about what mattered deep down at that moment. It was about finding and living in resonance and alignment with inner truths. 

This awakening to the wisdom within and all around has been her driving force ever since, in her life and in her career. For more than 20 years, Trisha has been working with people and brands of all sizes to develop purpose-based approaches to connecting with people - doing well by doing good.

Significance is the consultancy and Significance Learning Center is the platform to amplify the voices of conscious thought leaders and purpose-led facilitators, creating opportunities for more individuals and brands to experience and implement their transformational teachings.  #DoSomethingSIGNIFICANT is the mantra that she hopes becomes a transformational movement, inspiring and supporting millions of people in building lives overflowing with expressions of the wisdom that resides within and connects us all.  

None of this would have been possible with out Trisha's own mind being opened by her truly inspiring and kind mother, Rocky Riedel, who is also the artist who painted the beautiful images throughout this sight.  Trisha's hope is that you will become as inspired as she has throughout her journey, as together we can do so much. 


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