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Significance content in any physical or digital format, including books, audio, video, virtual and live programs may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, in any media format, without express written permission from Significance, LLC.

This includes, but is not limited to, the use of any text (regardless of length of excerpt), chart, figure, table, image, or audio or video recording.

Permission must be obtained even in cases where there is no intention to charge for the work in which the copyrighted material would be contained.


Significance accept permissions requests ONLY by email at

In your request email, be sure to include the following product details:

  • The product or service offering title, author(s), timing details

  • The exact location of the content, i.e. URL and area, page numbers, or time codes of the excerpt being requested for use, or the specific live class offering

  • A specific description of the purpose, audience (type and size), and context in which the material is intended to be used

  • Requestor’s name and complete contact information


If more information is required to complete your request, Significance will contact you directly for more information.

Responses to permissions requests may take 2-4 weeks after complete request information is received.

Note: Translation, republishing, narration, or filming of complete Significance works are not simple permissions requests. These types of requests require rights licensing and must be submitted in writing to initiate the appropriate steps, response time may vary.

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