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What Does "Do Something Significant" Mean to You?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

What is meaningful to you?

For me, Do Something Significant means to take meaningful action. What I LOVE about the phrase is that it is a call to action that contains a profound question within it:

What is meaningful to you?

That’s a big question, and it definitely deserves your attention. Answering it is a deeply personal exercise, one that touches all areas of your life and evolves over time. It’s also an exercise that pays huge dividends. WHY? Because, when you ponder what is truly “meaningful” to you, it does something important - it creates a pause, and, ideally, an intention to “go within” for answers. This is rocket fuel for positive transformation.

This pause and go-within approach enables you to step into the role of the observer, even the investigator, in your own life. This fresh perspective, combined with a sense of curiosity and a desire for truth, can lead you to the most empowering and eye-opening insights. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.

How does this work?

You know those times where, if only for a fleeting moment, you felt it… you FELT a sense of fulfillment, a sense of authentic contentment? You felt a natural confidence, joy, perhaps even a feeling of being connected to something bigger than yourself. Well, there are massive insights waiting to be uncovered in those moments of “resonance” - insights about your strengths, your interests, your values, your priorities, your passions and important insights about how to build a life you actually love.

This is where you can discover your unique building blocks to fulfillment. If you look closely, you’ll start to notice a set of common elements, topics, intentions and approaches present when you are feeling deeply joyous. You’ll start to identify patterns, activities, even people, that are supportive or aligned with the things you value most, all of which are contributing to your overall life experience.

The Significance Learning Center is here to support you in your journey of inner awareness and life-changing personal transformation. One way to get started down this path is to ask yourself some probing questions, such as:

  • What lights me up?

  • What am I doing when I feel MOST “myself?”

  • What is my intention, and what are my physical sensations during the moments I feel most fulfilled?

When do you experience a sense of meaning? Here are some more prompts to help kickstart your inner exploration.

  • Is it when you give the right hug at the right time?

  • Is it when you invent or apply a brilliant solution?

  • Is it when you are a trusted listener?

  • Is it when you take the time to acknowledge someone respectfully or ponder a new perspective?

  • Do you feel a sense of fulfillment when you trust your intuition or when you get enough sleep? When you express love or receive love?

  • Is it when you teach or act as a role model? Or, perhaps when you push beyond your comfort zone?

  • Is it the act of contributing in some way to a cause, a person, place, or thing that matters to you?

  • Is it having the discipline to be present with your child, your customer, or with yourself despite the pressures of the modern world?

Get acquainted with yourself! What resonates for you? How do you feel during those experiences?

Personally, when I experience resonance, I can often sense that my eyes are glowing a bit brighter. It’s usually when I’m doing something motivated by love, by caring, by an intention to help people feel valued and connected, or to building something innovative. Creating is a direct result of me acting on my own experiences of resonance. It feels great!

That brings me to the second key component of the Do Something Significant mantra… taking inspired action.

Meaning + Action = Fulfillment

Fulfillment is NOT a destination. Fulfillment is an EXPERIENCE, and it is very much tied to intentional actions. You could think of it like “meaning in motion.” One of the lovely things about identifying what you consider to be “meaningful” is that in doing so, you now have a clear framework to support your decision-making process. You’re empowered to make decisions that intentionally create resonance with your deeply held truths on a daily basis and throughout the seasons of our life. And, you can experiment and learn as you go.

With each action-step you take, you’ll gain even more clarity around what resonates deeply with you. You’ll also begin to recognize the things that no longer resonate with you – or that never resonated with you in the first place. With this new lens, you’ll begin seeing wonderfully fulfilling opportunities that you may have previously overlooked. You’ll also become aware of totally new exciting opportunities to step forward into what resonates.

The paradox of the “Do Something Significant” call to meaningful action is that by making a tiny intentional decision to turn inward and get curious about yourself, you can kickstart a process that results in making an incredibly significant positive transformation in your life. You’ll begin to see that tiny actions throughout your day can have a significant impact on your level of personal fulfillment as well as on the people around you.

It’s my hope that the small but mighty #DoSomethingSignificant call to action will support you on your unique path to creating fulfillment in your life, your career, and your community.

As with your personal journey to creating a life you love, your need for guidance and support along the way will also be unique. The Significance Learning Center has curated a group of purpose-led instructors and facilitators that are dedicated to your success – that’s their own driving force. Each Significance instructor has their own style and approach; and each has kindly shared a free offering so you can get started on your journey now, and get to know them along the way.

Welcome to the Significance Community!



Founder & CEO

Significance & The Significance Learning Center

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